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7 August, 2002

Beginning the TEA Adventure

Greetings from the US Army Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) in Hanover, New Hampshire!

I?m here with 11 other educators from across the country that have been chosen to parcticipate in the Teachers Experiencing the Arctic or Antarctica (TEA) program funded by the National Science Foundation and facilitated by Rice University, the Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory and the American Museum of Natural History This is our second day of orientation and training and in the brief two days we?ve been exposed an overwhelming amount of information.

Several of the past TEA parcticipants and scientists have shared their polar research experiences with us and have provided insight about what to expect. I have been assigned to the very diverse Arctic region where I will travel to during the 2003/4 season. To say the least, all twelve of us are extremely excited to be chosen to for this opportunity.

Today we toured the research facilities at CRREL where many amazing research projects are being under taken involving ice, cold weather construction materials and techniques among others.

Our tour included a visit to the cold rooms where collected frozen materials are stored and cold related experiments are conducted and the Ice Engineering Research facility where various models and their performance are tested under frozen and icy water conditions.

Please join my colleagues and I as we prepare for our polar research experiences during the next several months. I invite questions from students and teachers throughout my entire Arctic experience from the preparation stages, in the field and post field research.

I will periodically be adding to my journal and adding images whenever possible.

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