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25 January, 2003

Journal Entries Resume... Lake Joyce at Pearse Valley

Today we had to pack up to move to Lake Joyce. It required three helicopter shuttles to move us from Lake Bonney's west lobe to Lake Joyce in Pearse Valley. I was assigned to ride on the second helo flight. The ride out to our Lake Joyce campsite was spectacular as we headed west further into the valley and directly over Taylor Glacier. At Bonney, our camp was located at the snout of Taylor Glacier. Now, as we traveled to our new campsite, we flew over the east section of Taylor, awestruck by the gaping crevasses and massive boulders deposited on the surface. Our new campsite, about a third of the way down Taylor Glacier, was again situated to overlook this giant river of ice. This time, however, we viewed the glacier from across the gleaming frozen surface of Lake Joyce. As we worked to set up our tents, I paused several times to admire the gorgeous view of the dolomite sill bordering one edge of the lake. We had gazed from afar at this formation when camping at the Lake Bonney sites and here we were now, positioned right beside this distinctly stratified mountain.

Yesterday I wrote... I have found Antarctica to be a lot like New England, wait five minutes and the weather will change... and asked who is given credit for that quote? The answer to my question I believe is Mark Twain. Thanks to those of you who emailed me with your thoughts.

The dolorite sill at Taylor and Pearse Valleys.

Tux and I are standing in front of a New Zealand helo with the Kiwi pilot who helped move our team to Lake Joyce.

A view of Taylor Glacier from our camp looking across Lake Joyce.

View of Lake Joyce from high above our campsite. Note the tiny yellow tents in the photo.

Our team in front of our camp at Lake Joyce.

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