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16 December, 2002

Grade One Jefferson School Flat Stanleys

I quite enjoyed my visit to Jefferson School to present to the first grade students.  We talked about Antarctica and the Arctic.  The presentation focused on how to dress for cold weather and the importance of dressing in layers.  The students then applied these concepts to designing their Flat Stanley paper dolls.   They did an amazing job creating their dolls and were careful to include zipper pulls, layers of clothes, goggles to protect their eyes, and colorful clothing for safety.  Check out the photos below.

I had such a difficult time deciding which Flat Stanley to take with me to Antarctica that I selected three which have been named as Colorful Flat Stanley, Pink Flat Stanley, and Fleece Flat Stanley.  Look for their photos throughout my journal entries.   Congratulations to all the students for their efforts!

Thank you also to the grade one students for the penguin gift you gave me.  I just love it!!!

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