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11 August, 2001

TEA Teachers For 2002/2003

I thoroughly enjoyed my week of orientation here in Hanover, N.H. I have met some wonderful teachers and I am anxious to know exactly where each of us will be going. Antarctic people may be teamed with a principal investigator to conduct research in such places as Palmer Station, McMurdo Station, South Pole, the Dry Valleys, or on an icebreaker ship in the Southern Ocean. Arctic people may be conducting research in various locations of Alaska, Greenland, Siberia, or the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean as they journey from Northern Norway aboard icebreakers like Oden or USCGC Healy.

Take some time to read the biographies of the teachers listed below. They each have fascinating backgrounds and experiences that have led them to embrace this unique opportunity. If you have a question for anyone, you may e-mail him/her at the address listed on the TEA web page.

Photo 1: Antarctic Teachers scheduled for field study some time between October 2002 and February 2003. Teachers generally stay for six weeks minimum.

From left to right:

Mike Weiss - Yarmouth, Maine

Andrew Caldwell - Castle Rock, Colorado

Louise Huffman - Lisle, Illinois

Dr. Stephanie Shipp - TEA Antarctic Program Director & Co-Principal Investigator, Rice University, Texas

Penguin - (to be named) Rockland Public Schools, Massachusetts Yours truly - Rockland, Massachusetts

Mats Pettersson - Sweden (leaves Oct. 2001)

Jerri-Lynn Hollyfield - Birmingham, Alabama

Eric Muhs - Seattle, Washington

Photo 1: ArcticTeachers scheduled for field study some time during the spring and summer of 2002. I look forward to following their experiences. Please be sure to read some journal entries >from teachers in Arctic regions because the conditions, wildlife, and culture is different from that of the Antarctic.

From left to right:

Dr. Deb Meese -TEA Arctic Program Director & Co-Principal Investigator, Cold Region Research Engineering Lab, Hanover, N.H. Shannon Graham - Vancouver, Washington

Dallas Trople - Sedro-Woolley, Washington

Betty Carvellas & polar bear friend - Essex Junction, Vermont April Cheuvront - Morganton, North Carolina

Kim Hanisch - Ogallala, Nebraska

Ron Hochstrasser - Cincinnati, Ohio



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