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6 August, 2001

Orientation Week

Here I am outside the Cold Regions Research Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) in Hanover, N.H. holding a king penguin. This penguin and I will be going on an exciting adventure to Antarctica. We will be leaving sometime towards the end of 2002. He/She will be with me here at CRREL for our Antarctic and Arctic Orientation Week where we will learn about polar regions and research being conducted in these areas.

This "tuxedo wearing" bird needs a name, so this September there will be a "Name the Penguin" contest in Rockland, MA for students in grades K-4. All eligible entries will be listed on a ballot. Students from the Rogers Middle School will then vote on a name for this penguin. You will need to learn some facts about penguins and/or Antarctica for your entry to be considered eligible... So start investigating this unique region of our world!

If your penguin name is selected, your picture will be taken with this fascinating bird, and the photo will be posted in my journal at this web site.

Just to get you started, here are three questions you can investigate. Answers will be posted in this journal on August 10, 2001.

1. Does a penguin have to worry about being attacked by a polar bear and why?

2. True or False... Antarctica is a continent.

3. Penguins are birds, but can they fly?

Here are three new questions that may be more challenging.

1. Scientists in Antarctica wear ECW gear. What does ECW stand for?

2. How big is Antarctica compared to the United States?

3. What is an iceberg and how is it formed?

1. Today we start our week-long orientation. My Antarctic friend and I will spend this week learning about the polar regions and our future trip to Antarctica.

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