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14 November, 2003

Ice on the move!

Temperature: 21*F

Location: Canada Glacier, Lake Hoare, Dry Valleys

The glacier popped and sputtered for quite a while last night. It's really neat to know that this giant glacier that appears to be stationary is actually on the move. The question of the day... Is the lake ice also on the move? We headed out first thing this morning to find out!

The plan was to drop the underwater camera under the ice and photograph a buoy that is part of the monitoring system. We intended to compare the underwater photographs with similar photographs taken on land. We would then create a ratio allowing us to compensate for water distortion and determine the distance to the buoy. Once we knew the distance, we could determine how far the lake ice has moved.

After numerous attempts with the camera, we successfully retrieved the images needed. Peter and Roman then entered a calculation marathon to accurately determine the distance the ice has moved. The ice has shifted over five feet; cool discovery! Now to determine why!

1. Roman and Phil holding the "hot finger" which is used to melt the ice.

2. The melt hole with the two glycol cables going in.

3. Lowering the camera into the melt hole.

4. Phil peering into the underwater camera system.

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