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21 November, 2003

21 November, 2003

1911 Revisited!

Temperature: 20*F

Location: Lake Bonney, Dry Valleys

This morning was spent monitoring our melting holes and freeing cables. All is melting nicely, so now its just a waiting game!

This afternoon, we went to try and replicate a 1911 photograph of the channel area between the east and west lobes of Lake Bonney. By standing in the same location as the 1911 photograph, we could compare the lake level today with the lake level then. We found the general location where Taylor, an early explorer of Antarctica, had taken the original photograph. We then went about the task of comparing boulders and prominent features on the background cliffs. By shifting our location just a little bit in several directions, we were able to find the exact spot that the original photograph had been taken.

It was quite unusual to be standing right where such a famous early explorer had been standing. I wondered what conversations he and the other men with him had as they stood in this spot.

All is well and I'm having the time of my life.

1. Peter checking the melt progress with the underwater camera.

2. View of camp from across the lake.

3. Trying to match the exact location of the 1911 photograph... is this where they were?

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