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25 November, 2003

Back in Town!

Temperature: 22*F

Location: McMurdo Station

You may or may not be aware that while we were out in the field, my computer crashed. It took several days to correct the problem, so pictures had not been posted for several of the days. If you read a journal entry with no images, you may wish to revisit the day and check out the images that are now posted! Future images may be a bit delayed also as I am still experiencing some computer problems; hope for the best!

I spent the majority of today resending images. Roman spent a good part of the day returning gear to the science supply warehouse. Peter and Phil finished building and packaging the weather stations they will deploy into the field tomorrow.

I visited the aquarium room in the lab this afternoon. There are all kinds of creatures from the surrounding oceans in the tanks; including some huge Antarctic Cod fish! Enjoy the images!

1. Antarctic Cod fish!

2. Antarctic Cod from the side!

3. Antarctic Sea Star (over a foot across!).

4. Antarctic Sea Spider - about 8 inches across.

5. Antarctic Tunicate (yellow) and Nudibranch (white).

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