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29 November, 2003

Thanksgiving in Antarctica!

Temperature: 21*F

Location: McMurdo Station, Antarctica

The town has shut down for the weekend! There are two weekends a year that the town "shuts down", one is for Thanksgiving, the other is for Christmas. This gives everyone in town (except the kitchen crews) some well deserved time off. It also gives the kitchen crew the necessary time to prepare "the feast!"

There is a large galley in McMurdo Station which feeds over a thousand people during the height of the summer. For Thanksgiving dinner, there were three seatings. It was quite a feast! Turkey, stuffing, potatos, veggies and pie!

We had a wonderful dinner together and then about ten of us went and watched a recorded copy of the world cup rugby finals. I had to come to Antarctica to learn the rules of rugby! It was an enjoyable day and evening all around.

I have posted several photos below from various field experiences. There is no parcticular order to the images; just some I thought you would enjoy! All is well and I'm having the time of my life!

1. Near the summit of Naussbaum Reigal Ridge!

2. View down Taylor Valley.

3. Glacier flowing into Taylor valley; check out the crevasse field!

4. View from above Lake Bonney.

5. Cool ice pattern on Lake Vanda!

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