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30 November, 2003

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Temperature: 22*F

Location: McMurdo Station, Antarctica

It snowed and it snowed and it snowed! We got well over a foot of snow today. For some folks, that does not sound like all that much snow, but when you remember that this is the driest desert on the planet, itís actually a fair amount! It seemed somewhat odd to have that much snow falling! When the average snowfall for the year is calculated, it is less than two inches of precipitation total. That makes Antarctica the driest placeÖ even dryer than the Sahara Desert!

Phil and Roman are joining another group today, so we packed up all the necessary gear and took it to the helicopter pad. The new team has over 4000 pounds of equipment to get out into the field!

The rest of the day was spent returning gear from our group to the appropriate areas. It seems as though my time here has gone very quickly! It was sad to be returning all the supplies.

I hope to have a live chat over the Internet on December 2nd (States date) at 10:30 am (EST). Perhaps we will chat then? All is well; having the time of my life!

1. Antarctic Giant Isopod; from the aquarium!

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