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4 November, 2004

Ah, The Joys of Extreme Cold Weather Clothing!

Temperature: 78*F

Location: Christchurch, NZ

There just isn't anything like trying on three layers of extreme cold weather clothing during the warm New Zealand summer! We tugged, we rolled, we wiggled, and we sweat! But, all the wrestling with clothing was for a good cause. We need to be absolutely sure that all our clothing fits properly; especially when worn in layer combinations like we will wear in Antarctica. There just are not any stores in Antarctica to pick up any last minute or forgotten items. We endured the discomforts of the clothing check and anticipated the moments ahead when we would be so greatful to have the proper clothes!

We were notified that we must be back at the CDC by 6:00 am in order to "suit up" for our flight to Antarctica. We also were given the delightful news that we may be traveling on a C 17 aircraft! The C 17 is much larger than the C 130 or 141; which means a much more comfortable trip to "the ice"!

Prior to going to the CDC this morning, Jackie and I met up with another team member: Brandy Anglen. Brandy will be collecting water and sediment samples to determine the levels of sulfur isotopes within the Lakes of the Dry Valleys.

After our trip to the CDC, we had the afternoon to wander around the beautiful town of Christchurch. We went to the museum, the art gallery, and had some time to enjoy the New Zealand hospitality.

We all have our fingers crossed for the C 17 tomorrow! All is well!

All lined up and ready to deploy!

The storage room!

The clothing display!

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