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6 November, 2004

Organize the cage!

Temperature: 10*F (windchill = -15*F)

Location: McMurdo Station, Antarctica!

It's hard to believe that I am actually here again. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing people; both here in Antarctica and back home.

Today was organize the cage day. Dr. Doran (Peter) must fill out a supply request form each year to be able to use equipment and supplies that are kept here in Antarctica; things like tents, drills, surveying scopes, etc. Prior to our arrival, the crew here in McMurdo gathered the supplies listed on his request form and put them in Peter's storage area. Many of the scientists here have storage areas for their equipment. These storage areas are giant "cages" that actually resemble some sort of detention or prison area. Although there is nothing glamorous about the cages, they serve a useful purpose. Brandy, Jackie, and I received the supply sheet and proceeded to the cage to ensure that all the supplies were received.

We also had to schedule all our special training classes. Jackie and Brandy will go to "happy camper school" on Tuesday and Wednesday while I take a refresher course on Tuesday. We all must take classes on operating jiffy drills, generators, hole melters, ATV's, snowmobiles, and we must all acquire our Antarctica drivers licenses so we can drive the trucks around town in order to transport all our gear. I also scheduled my Antarctica "check out" dive for Wednesday morning. This dive will be done with Rob Robbins who is the dive coordinator here in Antarctica.

We each had to have our computers checked out by the technology crew. The crew was happy to see that my computer had been repaired after it's mishap last year! We have some more organizing to do, classes to take, and supplies to acquire, but we managed to get a lot done on our first day in town! All is well!

The "cages" at the Berg Field Center or BFC.

The start of our pile to be packed for the field!

Dr. Doran's "cage".

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