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3 December, 2004

Bag Drag

Temperature: 30*F

Location: McMurdo Station

It’s official, I am manifested for tomorrow morning’s flight to New Zealand. It seems as though I just arrived and already it is time to leave. Today I returned the last few items from our field work. The only remaining task is to “Bag Drag.” That means I take all my luggage, and put on all my ECW gear, and go to the checkpoint for deployment. Everyone gets all their bags weighed and tagged; each person is also weighed wearing their ECW gear. The plane will be loaded tonight so that in the morning people show up with their carry on bag, and off we go.

This field season has been extraordinary. I wish to extend a special “Thank you” to Dr. Peter Doran for allowing me to join his team again this year. I have learned so much and am excited to share it all with everyone. Dr. Doran’s team is an amazing group of dedicated people; it was truly a privilege to work along side each person.

I also wish to thank the Rye School District for supporting another field season on “the ice.” Thank you to the administration and staff for your unwavering support of this experience. Thank you also to all my family and friends for your support and for taking care of everything and everyone back home!

I will not have an opportunity to journal again for several days, so I will sign off here. I have included some images from around McMurdo Station. Thank you for following along with my experience; please feel free to continue e-mailing with questions and comments. The journey may be coming to a close, but the sharing of the experience is just getting started.

Antarctica is an amazing wilderness. It is harsh, wild, tame, and gentle. It is bold and subtle, bleak and vibrant. It has reached into my soul and taken me to new places. Touch “the ice”, and one is forever changed and humbled.

Remember to “throw off the bowlines.” I will see you all stateside!

1) The "Welcome to McMurdo" sign.

2) The McMurdo taxi stand.

3) A McMurdo truck.

4) The Crary science lab.

5) Bins full of recycled material and waste to be shipped back to the US.

6) The library in the Crary lab; notice how bright the sun is!

7) The holiday spirit is starting to hit McMurdo!

8) The science support building.

9) The McMurdo church.

10) The stained glass window in the church.

13) Me at the Mcmurdo Station sign; Hut Point can be seen in the background.

12) The Chalet for the National Science Foundation.

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