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8 August, 2002

"Learn to Return" was the theme for today. Journeys to the poles offer numerous challenges, some are expected while others are not. The last thing one needs is to be caught in an unexpected situation involving injuries with little knowledge of how to help oneself or the group.

With that in mind, we simulated injuries and accident scenarios in order to practice helping ourselves with efficiency and precision. We splinted "broken arms," bandaged "torn ears," even created mukluks out of random supplies. In addition, we learned how to make emergency shelters, make fires with limited supplies, and sampled emergency food rations.

Another critical skill we learned was knot tying. We learned multiple knots and their applications; we even learned to make temporary parka buttons out of rope!

We can now venture to the poles with confidence in our ability to help the group if an emergency were to occur. We hope this training has provided vital skills that will never actually have to be implemented during an emergency!

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