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11 July, 2002

Well, it rained for a change, we must really need it (NOT!). Hope its rained in MA, we need it there. We had the morning inside so we cleaned and brushed our samples, then we cataloged and wrote in our journal, and now we are all caught up! Whew! In the afternoon, we headed over to tel. 079. It was a great afternoon. We are now down to level 2. In my unit, SW quad, I found lots of pottery. I made note of it, remember all our data is important and may mean something at a later date when all of the info is put together. In the NE quad we came up with we think the tops of two posts, which may be the top of the house. It lines up with an exposed post from last year.

It was nice out, so we took a hike up the mountain after work. It was really a HIKE. Great view from the top of the mountain. We saw an outcrop of high peaks named the three sisters. We also collected a lot of muskox fur. It was white, brown, and tan. Muskox fur is very soft and smells really nice. Next, I want to see one in person.

Tomorrow we are going for a walk over to the corral hopefully to see the reindeer

The Hills are alive with the sound of ........ What would Julie Andrews think? In the above picture, Teresa and Jim are posing at the sled. Joeseph Senungatuk and David Barrs created this artistic peice to stand on the hill above Wales. This is a sled with a dove for peace pointed toward Siberia.

Teresa is seated in front of an Inuksuk. Inuksuks are cairns. There are many uses for an Inuksuk: one is to show a path or the way, another is to show where good hunting is, another is in honor of someone. There were many to show us the way up the mountain.

We could see this view from the top of our climb of Wales.

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