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Pete SereadIook

I interviewed Pete Sereadlook and this is his life story: Pete was born on December 12,1930. He is 71 years old. He lives in Wales, Alaska. There are less than 200 people in his village. He speaks Eskimo and English. Pete only went to school until 5th grade because he had to work. He has mined for tin and gold. Now he does a lot of hunting and fishing.

His mother was from up North. He does not know about his ancestors because his mother and father died when he was 13 or 14 years old. They were buried in the same week in 1944. He had 2 brothers and 4 sisters. When his parents died his sisters took care of him but it was a group effort too. Pete is the only one in his family still living in Wales.

He fishes for salmon in the Bering Strait and he eats the salmon eggs! He helped with the reindeer herd. Pete eats seal, reindeer, duck, fish, moose, caribou, whale, walrus, and hamburgers. Pete's favorite is Eskimo food, 3great meat" and "great fish". Pete also used to go whaling.

When he hunted whales he went in a skin boat, or umiak. The skin boats are made out of walrus skin on the outside and wood in the inside. Umiaks fit 9 passengers. They go out 4, 5, and sometimes 10 miles. To get a whale it takes 1, 2, or 3 days sometimes. If you take too long getting the whale in it will spoil and it won't be good. Everyone who helps with the whale gets a piece. On average a whale gets to be 30- 40 feet. They don't waste any meat, they use all parts of the whale, and they even eat around the bones. Pete said whale meat taste like steak.

In Wales, if you needed a doctor you went to a teacher at the school and the teacher would call the hospital. The hospital is 150 miles away; you would travel there by a small plane. His dad and brother had to go by dog sled to the hospital to get their appendix taken out, but they turned out to be ok.

For entertainment they had school dances. On Thanksgiving and Christmas they have feasts and play games like high kick, baseball, football, and Manama, (Manama is when there is two circles on opposite sides of the area and you run back and forth and try to get the other side's flag, (sort of like capture the flag.) and they play all sorts of other Eskimo games! The children learn their culture from their elders. There was a big dance in Wales to celebrate the ending of World War Two. The kids learn the dances from the elders and they learn their culture from their elders. The dances tell stories of different animals. Pete's story is the Raven. Pete makes crafts out of walrus tusks and sells them. He carves different features in the tusks.

One of the things that are interesting about Pete, are that in his lifetime he shot 1 or 2 polar bears. He said the meat from the polar bear tasted different.

Pete likes living in a small village because it is quiet, even though there is no water in their houses. They have to drive their four wheelers to a stream to get water. The stream does not freeze in the winter. Once in Wales there was an avalanche and a man got caught underneath it and died.

It is light almost twenty-four hours a day in the summer and almost twenty-four hours in the winter. This is the biography of Pete Sereadlook.

- Jillian Waters

Pete Sereadlook has lived in Wales his entire life. He is a very gentle, nice man. He has done a great deal in his life.

And last but not least the dynamic duo of Jill and Chris. You can see the other dynamic duo of Olive and Julia when you read the rest of these oral histories.

Pictured here is a dogsled. Pete once had to sled to Nome because his fateher and brother needed to have their appendix taken out.

This interview would not be possible without the expertise of our interviewer, Jill.

Here are one of the mountains surrounding Wales. The other is the famous Razorback. And the Bering Sea is in front of the village.

Pete is seen here in his boat checking on his nets

Here is Pete's house, Main St. Wales

Pete took his boat out every day to set his nets for the salmon. He gave us one on our anniversary. Our whole crew benefitted from it with a great meal.

Just another picture of Razorback.

These are salmon eggs.