16 October, 1997

16 October 97

Once again I was unable to access the weather information. If and when it becomes available again I will resume using it.

I ran another experiment to try to determine the protein concentrations on starfish tube feet. The results indicate that the levels are still too low to be measured with my standard curve. Tomorrow I will try again with a new batch of tube feet. I intend to modify the procedure for homogenizing the tissue in hope of getting a larger protein yield. I will also expand the number of samples tested so that I have a larger range

Dr. Rob Maxson arrived today. He is the last member of this research team to come to the ice. His research will involve determining RNA turnover rates during the development of Antarctic starfish and sea urchins. He will also study the effects of temperature on the RNA turnover rates of these organisms.

Things to ponder:

1. What is RNA?

2. What is its main function in cells?

3. Brainstrm and see if you can think of reasons why information on RNA turnover rates would be useful in learning how Antarctic echinoderms develop in the extreme cold and without food for many months.

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