1 November, 1997

1 November 97

CONDITION III for all locations.

REGIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY...Some blue sky will reveal itself this morning but cloudy skies will dominate this afternoon as a weak trough of low pressure crosses the area.

TODAY.. Mostly cloudy.

Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): Northeast 15 gust 20.

High -17C/+01F. Lowest Wind-chill -40C/-40F.


Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): Northeast 15 gust 20.

Low tonight -21C/-06F. Lowest Wind-chill -42C/-43F.


Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): Southeasterly 15.

High -15C/+05F. Lowest Wind-chill -42C/-43F.


High -19. Low tonight -23.


Next sunrise in February, 1998

YESTERDAY'S EXTREMES: 31 October, 1997

Maximum Temperature: -13C/+09F

Minimum Temperature: -21C/-06 F

Peak Wind: 26 Knots

Lowest wind chill: -34C/-29F

The events of the past two days have had quite and impact on my routine here. I have not been able to do any science or manage the many tasks I do to keep up with my "real job" and the other commitments I have. Things piled up so quickly I needed today to attempt to get caught up. In the end I had barely made a dent and planned to spent another day doing the same.

Although this is actually 1 November, McMurdo has scheduled its annual Halloween party for tonight. I'm told it's quite an event and there certainly has been a buzz in the air. Many people have made very creative costumes which often reflect the work they do here. Several of the members of my research team have planned to go as echinoderms.

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