10 November, 1997

10 November 97


Condition I for the Ice runway, ice road, Williams field, snow road, road to Williams field.

Condition III Mcurdo, Scott base, Road to Scott base, Arrival heights, T-Site.

REGIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY...Gale force southeast winds will continue through the morning. Glacial outflow will begin by this evening.

TODAY...Mostly cloudy with blowing snow becoming partly cloudy by late afternoon.

Visibility: 1/4 to 3 miles this morning, becoming unrestricted by late afternoon.

Wind (knots): Southeast 22 to 28 decreasing east 15 to 20 by mid afternoon. High Temperature -04C/+25F Lowest Wind-chill -25C/-13F.

TONIGHT...Partly cloudy.

Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): East 15 to 20 decreasing 10 to 15 by midnight.

Low Temperature -09C/+16F Lowest Wind-chill -27C/-17F.

TUESDAY...Partly cloudy.

Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): East-northeast 10 to 15.

High Temperature -07C/+19F Lowest Wind-chill -22C/-08F.


High Temperature -07C Low Temperature -12C


Next sunrise in February, 1998

YESTERDAY'S EXTREMES: 09 November, 1997

Maximum Temperature: -04C/+25F

Minimum Temperature: -06C/+21 F

Peak Wind: 68 Knots

Lowest wind chill: -26C/-15F

Today has been a busy but routine science day. I performed another set of experiments to see the effects of temperature on tube feet respiration rate. This time the tube feet were kept at a temperature of 2.5C. degrees for 4 hours. I then measured their consumption of oxygen and later determined the amount of protein.

I'm running out of time and am a bit concerned about how many more experiments I will be able to get done before I leave McMurdo and return to the USA. If the weather holds we will be on the ice all day tomorrow and a helocopter trip to the ice edge is planned for the following day.

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