13 November, 1997

13 November 97

Condition III for all locations.

REGIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY...Glacial flow dominates Ross Island. A surface trough over the central Ross Sea is slowly drifting northward.

TODAY...Mostly clear to partly cloudy.

Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): East 12-18.

High Temperature -01C/+30F Lowest Wind-chill -15C/+05F.

TONIGHT...Partly cloudy, occasionally mostly cloudy.

Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): East-southeast 12-18.

Low Temperature -08C/+18F Lowest Wind-chill -27C/-17F.

FRIDAY...Partly cloudy becoming mostly cloudy by mid afternoon. Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): East-northeast 15-20.

High Temperature -03C/+27F Lowest Wind-chill -19C/-02F.


High Temperature -03C Low Temperature -10C


Next sunrise in February, 1998

YESTERDAY'S EXTREMES: 12 November, 1997

Maximum Temperature: -01C/+30F

Minimum Temperature: -06C/+21 F

Peak Wind: 33 Knots

Lowest wind chill: -24C/-11F

This morning I arose at 4:45AM so I could do a video conference with Mrs. Fadel's 3rd Grade at the Abate School in Niagara Falls, New York. It was a thrill to see the faces of such enthusiastic children. They have been studying about Antarctica and corresponding with me by e-mail throughout my stay here. This was a great way to bring the experience to life. I am very deeply indebted to the technical support staff at the Crary Lab who willingly arose several hours early so that they could make the session possible.

My time in McMurdo is really beginning to run out. I spent the entire day trying to get caught up on things which have gotten out of hand while I've been in the field for the past two days. I'm beginning to wonder if it's possible.

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