3 November, 1997

3 November 97

CONDITION III for all locations.

REGIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY...Cold glacial outflow will continue to make its presence felt today. Some clouds and gusty winds are possible this morning as a weak low passes east of ross Island.

TODAY ..Partly cloudy. Mostly cloudy at timesthis morning with some blowing snow.

Visibility: Unrestricted, occasional 3-6 miles in blowing snow this morning. Wind (knots): Northeast 15 gusting to 20 becomiing southeastlate this afternoon.

High -17C/+01F. Lowest Wind-chill -45C/-48F.

TONIGHT: Becoming cloudy this evening

Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): Easterly 15.

Low Tonight -4C/-06F Lowest Wind-chill -46C/-48F.

TEUSDAY...Cloudywith periods of light snowand blowing snow. Visibility: Unrestricted lowering to 2-4 miles in blowing snow.

Wind (knots): Southeasterly 15.

High -15C/+07F. Lowest Wind-chill -46C/-51F.


High -17 Low Tonight -23


Next sunrise in February, 1998

YESTERDAY'S EXTREMES - 02 November, 1997

Maximum Temperature: -18C/00F

Minimum Temperature: -22C/-08F

Peak Wind: 41 Knots

Lowest wind chill: -48C/-54F

Today was yet another weird day that seemed to evaporate and get away from me. I have been in contact with stateside people who have requested that I parcticipate in an internet video conference. Unfortunately, the details have been sketchy and other factors made communication a problem. The short version of this story is that as of this writing I am expected to go on-line at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. I do not know who will be on the other end . I do not have the necessary technical information to make contact with whoever they are. The technical support staff here don't start work that early, and I am leaving for my two-day snow school survival training at 8:30 AM.

I guess most of the day was taken up with preparation and tying a large number of loose ends. We had a lengthy lab meeting. I talked with a number of scientists that I may use as resource people when I develop curriculum in the future, and I ran another experiment on tube feet respiration. This seemed to eat up the day.

As previously mentioned, I will be away for the next to days at survival training. This will make a nice change of pace and I am looking forward to it. When I return there will be little more than a week left for me in Antarctica. I expect each day to be very full so they must be planned carefully

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