7 November, 1997

7 November 97

Condition III all locations.

REGIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY...The low over the southern Ross Sea that has plagued McMurdo continues to move north and fill. Glacial outflow over the ice shelf will provide fair weather.

TODAY...Partly to mostly cloudy.

Visibility: Unrestricted

Wind (knots): Northeast 8-14 knots gusting occasionally to 25 knots this afternoon.

High: -04C/+25F Lowest Wind-chill: -23C/-10F

TONIGHT...Partly cloudy becoming mostly cloudy.

Visibility: Unrestricted.

Wind (knots): Northeast 10-15 knots.

Low: -09C/+16F Lowest Wind-chill -25C/-13F.

SATURDAY...Mostly cloudy.

Visibility: Unrestricted

Wind (knots): Northeast 8-14 knots.

High -11C/+12F. Lowest Wind-chill -27C/-17F.


Low: -13C High: -06C.


Next sunrise in February, 1998

YESTERDAY'S EXTREMES: 06 November, 1997

Maximum Temperature: -06C/+21F

Minimum Temperature: -09C/+18 F

Peak Wind: 53 Knots

Lowest wind chill: -35C/-31F

This was a very routine day. It was spent determining the tube feet respiration rate at zero degrees C. as well as determining the protein concentration on the same feet. I was not satisfied with the results of the protein assay so unfortunately I will need to repeat the entire experiment tomorrow. This is part of science but I must admit that when one spends 12 long hours doing an experiment it is a bit frustrating to have to repeat it for what may appear to be a small detail.

Things to ponder:

There is a saying in this laboratory that science is often tedious but never boring. What does this mean?

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