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2 January, 2003

Today I was invited to join the research team staff meeting which is held weekly. All of the research team members gather in Chuck's office. Seating is a prime commodity. If you look around the hallways and in the labs, you can find a chair here and there. Be sure and put if back where you found it! - I was told. Each team member takes a turn explaining where s/he is in the research, experiment, and packing-to-go process. It is incredible to hear all that is going on and how each member contributes to the whole picture. A research team truly is a team. Each team member must work as a team member in order for the work to get accomplished. I am proud to be working with such professionals.

It was also heartwarming to be included in this group. I thought I had come to just observe and when it came my turn to speak, I was surprised how each member wanted to hear my story and how I fit into the picture. I felt as much a part of the group as anyone else that had been a member of the team for years.

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