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8 January, 2003

McElwain Elementary School lies within the Birmingham City limits. The city is divided into districts. Each district has an elected city councilor. Our city councilor is Carol Reynolds. Today, Ms. Reynolds' assistant called me and asked me to get a picture and biography together and bring it to her office at City Hall. She said Councilor Reynolds wants to put it into her monthly newsletter that goes out to all of the citizens in her district. Wow! I've never been in a city's newsletter before!

Councilor Reynolds sees the educational advantage of having a teacher in her district being a part of the Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic Program. She wants as many citizens as possible to follow the science and learn something new. She will be including my e-mail address and web-site address so the citizens in her district can keep up with the research being performed in Antarctica.

I hope to obtain a copy of the newsletter and scan it into the journal for all to see.

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