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1 November, 2002

I am so fortunate to have Saks Fifth Avenue as one of my sponsors for Antarctica. We have a Saks Fifth Avenue here in Birmingham. I have been using YSL cosmetics for years. Susan Weidman is the make-up artist for YSL at Saks in Birmingham. She is a former nutrition teacher and used to teach at a high school in the same system I currently teach in. Over the years, we have become good friends.

As I have prepared to go to Antarctica, I have learned that it is very dry there. Antarctica is a desert. I learned that the harsh climate can be very damaging to the skin. So, one day I went to see my good friend Susan and told her all about my upcoming adventure. I asked if there was any way that Saks could be one of my sponsors and help me gather the skin care products that I would need in Antarctica to keep my skin from getting damaged. She said for me to leave her my information about the trip and that she would talk to her cosmetics manager and get back in touch with me.

About a week later, Susan called to tell me she had a "package" for me. When I went to Saks to pick it up, waiting for me was a gift sack full of skin care products with sunscreen to keep my skin safe from the elements. Most all of the cosmetics companies that have a counter at Saks contributed to my Antarctic "cause." I have already begun to use them to prepare my skin for the cold.

I want to thank the cosmetics manager at Saks, Marquita Sebastien, and my good friend Susan Weidman for all of their support for my trip.

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