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31 December, 2002

Alabama Outdoors is a sporting goods and outdoor store here in Birmingham just 2 blocks from my house. Alabama Outdoors has been so supportive of my upcoming trip to Antarctica. They have shown me exactly what I will need to stay warm and cozy as well as comfortable while I am in Antarctica since I will need dexterity to move around in the lab while I am working.

I would especially like to thank two of their managers, Ian, the store manager, and John Nuckols, the general manager. Ian has helped me with purchase orders and fittings. Remember that clothing has to fit, but I will have on several layers so there must be room to layer. When I am indoors, I may need to peel off a layer or two and I do not want my clothes too big then. John has offered to contact the companies whose clothing I will be wearing and asking them to sponsor me so that my clothing bill will not be so expensive. He has also volunteered to go with me to my speaking engagements and talk about "gearing up" for the cold weather and how to properly layer clothing for the fullest benefits. John knows I have an extremely busy schedule right now and that my time is limited so he has offered to keep his staff at the store after hours to help me if I need it.

I could not ask for any more support than that from such a great store. Thanks to all the employees at Alabama Outdoors.

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