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16 February, 2002

Today I taught a workshop to a group of teachers. I was invited by the McWane Center, our science museum here in Birmingham. Another teacher in the Birmingham area taught the workshop with me. I had a wonderful time. That parcticular group of teachers was a great group and I really enjoyed them. We spent two hours demonstrating, discussing, and illustrating Antarctic activities. The teachers then saw the Shackleton IMAX film, and viewed a slide presentation from Dr. Jim McClintock, who just came back from the Antarctic. He is the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and TEA Johanna Hubbard went with him to Antarctica two years ago. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures from this wonderful experience. Teachers, if you have any classroom activities that you have done regarding Antarctica, please e-mail them to me. I am interested in expanding my repertoire. Students, if you have done any activities in your classes on Antarctica, please e-mail me and share them with me.

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