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25 March, 2003

Today I experienced one of the most exciting events in my life. I received the key to the City of Birmingham. The City Council presented it to me as the key to the city, but also the key to their hearts. During my acceptance presentation, I told them I also accept it as the key to learning. I told them that I would use this key to gain knowledge of polar research and to take these experiences back to my classroom to teach and share with others. I will be taking it with me to Antarctica. I will have it in pictures that are made while I am there. Be sure to look for the key in my pictures!

This is a picture of the marquee outside of our school campus posting the announcement of me receiving the key to the City of Birmingham. Unfortunat ely, when I actually got the key, the camera was not cooperating. I am taking care of THAT problem now so it won't happen in the field!

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