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10 April, 2003


The wind has been blowing here at the station around 40 miles per hour today. I was returning to the computer in my office when the wind literally picked me up! I had to hold onto the handrails of the boardwalk in order to keep from being swept off of my feet. This wind has halted a lot of operations today. It is unsafe to go out in the Zodiacs (boats) with the wind blowing this hard.

I was supposed to be certified in Boating II this afternoon. I cannot drive a boat until I am certified. Every boat that leaves the dock must have 2 certified boaters on board with radios. My team needs me certified so that I can begin to go with them on their diving excursions.

I did get my Boating I course finished this morning before the wind whipped up. I had to set up a tent and start an emergency stove in case we are out and get caught in bad weather or we endure an injury, we will have the survival skills we need to keep us safe and warm until help arrives.

I've also had my station tour, station orientation, lab orientation, and kitchen orientation. It sounds like a lot- and it is- but we all need to be aware of the safety factors and hazards so that we don't put ourselves or anyone else at risk of being in danger.

Land Ho! We have docked at Palmer Station.

My room at Palmer Station. We live in a dorm just like on a college campus. It is like a big house with about 25 bedrooms in it. Each bedroom has two people living in it. It is like having one big family of 44 people all living together in the same house.

Two elephant seals have decided to make Palmer Station their home, too. When I began making trips to my room with my luggage, the one on the right began snorting at me. I was told that was a good sign and that it meant I was welcome at Palmer.

This is a zodiac.

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