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27 April, 2003

Day off!

Stephanie took it upon herself to beg, plead, get down on her knees, blackmail (just kidding), and twist the arms of our PI, Chuck Amsler, for a day off. He finally gave in and consented. Raise the roof for Stephanie! She was a nice person and I will miss her. What a brave soul! May she rest in peace! So, today we have the day off! No research team meeting at 1 PM! No bioassays! No dive tending! I'm so used to working, I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself!


The American flag always flies at Palmer Station. Every time a ship comes in, the flag of the country of that parcticular ship is also flown out of respect and courtesy for the citizens of that country. The LMG (Laurence M. Gould) is in the harbor at this time, so we have two additional flags flying. One of the flags is the flag of the State of Louisiana. This flag is being flown because the LMG's home port is Louisiana. The other flag is the official flag of the United States Antarctic Program (USAP). This flag is being flown because the LMG is a research vessel for the USAP.

1 The American flag always flies at the top of the flag pole. The flag on the left is the USAP flag and the flag on the right is the State of Louisiana flag.

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