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4 April, 2003

Today I have been busy trying to finish my shopping. I celebrated my accomplishments with Chilean chocolate- Um-m-m-m!

I move onto the ship at 2PM. The ship is called the Laurence M. Gould, named after the famous geologist and educator. Dr. Gould wanted to learn as much as possible about Antarctica's interior. He was second-in-command of the first Byrd Antarctic Expedition between 1928-1930. An autobiography entitled Cold chronicles his Antarctic experience.

Admiral Byrd's expeditions are the reason I have always wanted to go to Antarctica. He was the decorated hero of aviation technology and founder of modern polar exploration, investigation, and research.

I read his biography when I was in the third grade, and ever since that time, I have always wanted to see it. The way the continent was described made me want to see it for myself. It seemed like such a beautiful and exciting place.

This is a picture of the Laurence M. Gould research vessel.

This is the crew that just finished a crusie on the Gould and will be headed for the states. They have stayed to wave good-bye and wish us bon voyage.

This is my berth or sleeping cabin while on the Gould.

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