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12 May, 2003

I spent my first day back in the classroom with my students today. What a day it was! We were all so glad to see each other. We all had SO much to tell! We will spend the rest of the school year talking aobut all the work that is being done in Antarctica. The science comes first. It is very apparent. Everyone who works there will say that. The support personnel say they are there to support science- that science comes first. They do everything they can to make sure the science continues and nothing disrupts it. Scientists do not let anything interfere with their work and experiements. Sleeping and eating can always be done later. There is so much science going on! It is all exciting and the students and I will enjoy talking about all of it.

1. While I was gone, the school kept a bulletin board in front of the office so that everyone could see what I was learning and doing. We titled it "The Magic School Bus Goes to Antarctica."

2. We had a school bus put up on the bulletin board with me in the driver's seat and my students sitting in the bus.

3. Each day's journal entry was printed out and put up on the bulletin board.

4. Students e-mailed me each day and I e-mailed them back. Our correspondence was printed each day and posted on the bulletin board.

5. Our group photo was printed out and hung up so that everyone could have a visual of who they were corresponding to.

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