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6 May, 2003

Crabeater Seals

I have heard that there have been up to 16 more crabeater seals that have come to visit the folks at Palmer Station. Yubecca did not know they were there and when she stepped out one night to go to her tent, she nearly stepped on one! I asked Maggie if there were any crabs in Antarctica. She told me no. So I delved further and asked why they were called crabeater seals. She told me it was because they were named before scientists knew that there were no crabs in Antarctica. I think scientists assumed there were crabs there until they knew for sure. Well, then I wanted to know what crabeater seals do eat. They eat krill. Their diet consits of krill. They would be better named krilleater seals, Maggie said. They have baleen much like baleen whales in which they can strain huge amounts of water and keep the krill while they expel the excess water.


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