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12 August, 2001

Well, getting home today was easier said than done! The rain poured down on our bus trip from Hanover, New Hampshire to Boston. It was still pouring when we got to the airport. I had to wait in an hour line for my airline tickets. I finally got to the gate to get a boarding pass and there were no more seats on the plane! I had to get another flight and was flown to Washington, D.C. instead of Atlanta. Just when I was about to board that plane, they started canceling flights due to the weather! I got on the last flight that was going out! When I got to Washington, they were canceling flights due to the weather. There were 366 people in a standby line. I was one of them. I stood there 4 hours trying to get a ticket for a plane to Atlanta. I got on the last plane that was going out for the day. All the flights had been delayed for weather and they had just decided to cancel all the rest. I got to Atlanta and they were beginning to cancel flights due to the weather. I did get on a plane to Birmingham and got home at 11:00PM Central time. I had started my travels at 6:30 that morning Eastern time. Whew! Was I tired! I also had to start school the very next day.

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