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18 March, 2000

We're now TEAs (Teachers Experiencing the Antarctic/Arctic)

Wow! We're nearly finished our training sessions as teachers preparing to go to the Arctic or Antarctic. We've spent the past three days at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C. learning about the TEA program. What a wonderful experience we're heading into.

Janice Rosenberg who works with elementary science teachers in the Boston area will also be on the Healy with me as we head to the Arctic in June. Check out her web page too!

The Healy is a BRAND new Coast Guard icebreaker. During the two weeks that we will be at sea, the Healy will be doing ice trials. As it is a brand new icebreaker, these ice trials will be a chance for the Healy to try out some of the scientific systems that scientists will be using when they are researching in the Arctic aboard this vessel.

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