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30 May, 2000

Life Aboard the Healy

May 30, 2000


Where can you find a laundromat, a barbershop, a post office, a doctor’s office, and a gym? It might sound like we’re describing Main Street in your town, but you can find all those places right on board the Healy!

People on a ship need to do a lot of the same things in their daily lives that people on land do. On the Healy, you can get a haircut, work out at the gym, and even see a doctor if you get sick. There are lots of ways to have fun, too. They show movies every night, and you can even make popcorn to eat while you watch them. On Saturday nights, the mess (dining room) is turned into a bingo parlor.

These pictures give you an inside look at life aboard the Healy. To find out about all the great food we’ve been eating all week, click on Janice’s page.

Janice’s Entry Today.

p.s. We’ll be in St. John’s for 2 days for a refueling stop. Then we head up to the ice!

Susan is picking up some laundry from the dryer. It's wonderful to have the washers and dryers on the ship.

It's Tuesday night, and we're up for a little fun. How about joining us for a game of BINGO?

You can have your hair cut on Tuesday and Thursday between 6 and 7:30pm. Don't get it done on a day when the ship is pitching and rolling!

Here's Janice taking a bike ride in the gym. It feels great to get some exercise!

Commander Barbara Schoen is our ship's doctor. She takes care of things from seasickness to broken bones!

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