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18 March, 2000

Orientation in Washington DC 3/15-3/18

This last few days has been long and informative. I learned alot about the research being conducted in the field from former TEA's and PI's regarding Alaska and Anatarctica. The amazing part is the technology that will allow us to transmit information from the field to the classroom and other interested parties. Are we all crazy????

I also found out via email that my departure date has been moved up to May 21st, one week earlier that what was first announced. I hope that I will be able to keep the original date of May 28th because it will cause lots of problems for my school district. My PI says that may be possible. I'll have to find out the way. It may be possible from funding by NSF to take a commercial flight from Canada. It will work out. My school district will freak when they find out I have to leave early. I hope that I can leave on the 28th. It will work out. I am convinced of that.


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