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10 June, 2000

Getting Ready for Science Observations

Upon arrival at Summit, most of the scientific teams were engaged in their research. Our research team, Koni, Nick and I had to build our monitoring stations from scratch. It was a process of drilling holes into the ice cap and setting up three monitoring towers. Two towers are 3 meters (9 feet) high and the third tower is 2.5 meters high. The tall towers will monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed and the lower tower will monitor incoming solar radiation in long wave and short wave lengths. All three towers will use with very sophisticated equipment. I was very impressed that in order to be a scientist you must possess the skills of being an engineer. To assemble the required equipment in the field takes ingenuity especially at the temperatures we are dealing with at -14 degrees C with a 7 knot wind.

The day was beautiful again with clear blue skies and light breezes. It seemed colder today than yesterday because of the wind. There were a few cirrus clouds around the horizon where they stayed most of the day.

The altitude sickness has somewhat subsided. The headache has gone away but I still get shortness of breath at exertion. These symptoms should vanish in a few days. My saturated oxygen level is 88 when normal levels for this altitude (approximately 11,000 feet) is 93. My pulse, which is normally between 35 to 42 at rest is now 66 at rest. Keeping a slow pace for me is hard but I don't have any choice at this point.

The facilities at the Summit are great. There is a kitchen/recreational/bath house where the scientists relax during the day and stay warm. Since we all sleep in tents so this facility provides the needed warmth against the elements. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are cooked by a wonderful chef named Sarah. She prepares gourmet meals for the entire group (21 total) as well as great chocolate chip cookies. It is the Summit staff that makes the Greenland ice cap a great place to work. Thanks.

Ciao, Cathi

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