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7 June, 2000

Onto Greenland:

I arrived in Copenhagen after a very nice flight. It was raining in the city but quite warm approximately 50 degrees F. I am very tired and slept for a few hours. When I awoke and I walked to Tivoli, a park with an amusement rides. It was raining so the park was not as crowded as I would expect. It was very Danish or what I would expect from the Danish. There were several restaurants but I couldnt read the menu so I ended up eating at an old US favorite, The Hard Rock Café. At least I knew what I was eating. I met two girls from the US who had just finished studying a year abroad and planned to travel around Europe for a few months. They were happy to talk to an American. The sun set around 10:00 pm and rose about 3:00 am. I went back to the hotel and wasnt very tired but I forced myself to fall asleep. I awoke at my usual time of 5:30 am but my bodys clock thought it was 10:30 pm. I took my last long shower (5 minutes) for a few weeks then went back to bed. I awoke at 7:30 am, ate breakfast then off to the airport. Im happy that I spent some time in Copenhagen because I was a nice transition to Greenland. Copenhagen is a nice city and very modern. Now on to Kangerlussuaq then to the Summit. The only thing that I think I forgot was my thermal glove liners but I do have my Wigwam glove liners so they will do. Next stop the Ice and snow???

Exercise? How about some sit up, squats, lunges? Thats about it for now. I have to get into a routine before I can get serious about working out. I am confident that it will come together.

Ciao, Cathi

Addendum: Sondrostrom/Kangerlussuaq Greenland Arrival 10:30 am

I have arrived on the west coast of Greenland. Its not too green though but instead kind of brown. The new growth has not started yet. Its early summer for them and it doesnt get green for a few more weeks. The town of Kangerlussuaq (Kanger) is nestled in a fjord area will steep hills on either side. I didnt know who was going to meet me but I knew it would work out once I got there. The sun is shining and the temps are about 60 degrees F. A strong wind is blowing off the ice cap so the wind is cool.

I met three people since Ive been here; Robin, Sarah and Bent, all of whom work for VECO. VECO is the company that organizes the logistics for the scientists who work in Greenland. I was assigned a dorm room in a building strictly for the scientists and support staff. We went to lunch at the Polar Bear Inn-a cafeteria setting with some very interesting food. Danish food is mostly pickled fish-herring (I think), meats, cheese and pickled veggies. There is also so raw fish. It seems that all Ive been doing is eating-breakfast at the hotel, on the plane (it was real good food), and now lunch. Im going biking this afternoon to get some exercise and sightsee this little town. There is also a workout area where I can swim indoors. Maybe I will be in shape when I return home. Now I have time to workout.

It looks like I fly to Swiss camp on Friday where we pick up the scientist I will be working with (called a PI-principal investigator) named Koni and his graduate student, Nick. From there we fly to the Summit. I may be returning to the US on July 11th. Well see how things go.

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