5 April, 2001

Norbert Yankielun, Geophysical Radar and Electronics Engineer

When it comes to inventing and modifying the sophisticated technical equipment required for cutting-edge scientific experiments at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), Hanover, New Hampshire, Norbert ("Bert" to colleagues and friends) Yankielun is the expert. Credited with a long list of patents and numerous others in various stages of development, Bert travels to the ends of the earth to conduct his research.

Dr. Yankielun specializes in ground penetrating radar (GPR), FM-CW microwave radar, time domain reflectometry (TDR) and electrical engineering. These specialties have lead Bert to produce his patents on geophysical instruments, publish journal arcticles and take extended field campaigns in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Beyond his specialties, Bert Yankielun has diverse interests and activities. Among these, he develops and applies instrumentation for the collection and analysis of experimental data; invents for applications in electronics, electromagnets and acoustics; and works with digital signal processing (DSP) and other methods for designing real-time and post-processing algorithms for radar data augmentation. Dr. Yankielun also applies his skills to buried unexploded ordinance detection, buried mine detection, ice thickness, snow depth and stratigraphy, bridge scour (movement of sediment or erosion) and frazil ice detection, glaciology, automated crevasse detection and applications of ground penetrating radar.

For further information including photos and contact information investigate Bert Yankielun's CRREL website at: http://www.crrel.usace.army.mil/personnel/yankielun.norbert.html. For an excellent website designed for students and schools that is central to the International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE) of which Bert is a key parcticipant, peruse http://secretsoftheice.org. This website explores Antarctica, ice core research and discusses the scientific expedition while providing links throughout. Be certain to investigate the learning resources and teaching activities pages.

By Sandra Kolb, March 2001

Bert Yankielun posing next to a tucker, an Antarctic mode of transportation. This photo shows a high-resolution FM-CW radar that Bert designed for snow layer imaging and a crevasse detecting radar attached to the tucker’s front. Photo provided by Bert Yankielun.

Norbert (Bert) Yankielun at work in the field near Byrd Surface Camp, Antarctica. Photo provided by Bert Yankielun.

The “traverse train” or assembly of the International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE) at work in Antarctica. Photo provided by Bert Yankielun.

The route of the International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE). Photo provided by ITASE.

The patch for the International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition. Photo provided by Bert Yankielun.

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