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30 September, 2003

MainBody Arrives

Today the first of about 500 people arrived. Many have journeyed here several years in a row. There is much rejoicing from the winter-over crew, who now can see some dear old friends.

I spent the evening till 3 in the morning tracking a balloon. The night never was night, you can still make out the stars but the sky is generally a red dawn.

The plane arrives on the sea ice runway. It is sitting on 15 feet of ice.

Unloading outside the galley. They will get their room assignments. Everyone shares a room. Some with six others.

The caravan of trucks taking people into town.

Ivan The Terror Bus.

The plane takes off. Only eight people left on this flight, it must be an amazing feeling after a year here. You likely can smell the freshness of New Zealand already.

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