TEA Collaborative Learning Group
FINAL Report

Name of Team Member: Total Collaborative Hours:

Overall, in what ways did your collaboration with your team impact your professional growth? (e.g., how did this work impact your approach to and understanding of: content knowledge, pedagogy, process of science, teaching standards, use of technology, etc.)?

In what ways do you think your colleagues were impacted by being a part of this collaborative team?

How does this experience compare to / contrast with other professional interactions you have had with your colleagues?

Overall, what were the most significant outcomes of the mentoring experience?

What do you believe are the key elements to a successful mentoring experience?

What specific strategies for working with colleagues did you find the most useful in completing your mentoring requirement?

What recommendations do you have for other TEAs who are working with colleagues to transfer their TEA experience?

What, if any, resources/products were created by your team? How can we best make these available to the broader TEA community?

What are your recommendations for improving or modifying the mentoring experience?

Additional Reflections:

Thank You!

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