30 July, 1997

Nevins journal 07/30/97

I flew out of Rhinelander this morning at 10:25 in a commuter airliner to Chicago and took a flight from there to Albany. I met Dr. Fred Nelson and Anna Klene at the airport and we went to the hotel where I will spend the night.

This does not sound like much so far but there was one notable event in route to Chicago, while we were in the approach to the airport the passengers found out that those nice soft looking clouds can hide some turbulence . As we entered a small cloud, we suddenly dropped which caused some startled sounds from the passengers .

Question: can anyone tell me how to figure out your ground speed by looking out your window? What method do you think I tried to use?

Question: Which of the great lakes could I see from my window on the left side of the jet between Chicago and Albany?

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