21 August, 1997

August 21, 1997

Today was a relatively easy day. Our first order of business was to visit the NOAA lab that we have been walking past for quite a few days. The lab is one of four in the nation, Samoa, Barrow, Mauna Loa, and South Pole Station. The CMDL lab is the Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory. The lab monitors the concentration of air pollutants, ozone, radiation and atmospheric constituents. The four sites are principally involved in the study of global warming or things that could cause global climate change.

The next few stops involved a stop at the national weather service office in Barrow, visit to the community center, and a stop at the store to pick up some Barrow souvenirs. Then a few more errands were run and we went back out into the field to try to find some more measurement sites. Our success at finding the old points that were supposed to be at the site was less than complete, in fact, we struck out.

Tonight we finished data entry from our last probe work and packed up equipment. If the weather holds, we will finish up our work here and fly out to Fairbanks to inventory and store equipment. If time allows, we will spend some time this weekend to travel up to Denali.

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