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15 October, 2002

Hemisphere Photography

The research team will use hemispheric photography to determine shade influences in our study site.

Watch for the hemisphere photos from Seattle, Washington and Orono Maine. These photos can be used to detect the influence of shade at the photo site during various times of the day, days of the month and months of the year. Our team will explain how you can be involved with helping predict the influence of shade in our study sites.

A hemisphere photo is takes looking straight up with some land or structures like trees visible all the way around the photo. North will be at the top of the photo.

We are now practicing using the photos and learning how to use the software. Our photographer is Scott Craig, a fisheries biologist from the US Fish and Wildlife Services who will be on the research team.

Why do you think we are interested in any shade in our study site?

How will shade influence growth and living conditions of the yeasts living in the dry valley soils?

How different do you think the solar radiation patterns will be from the other two sites, in Seattle and in Orono, when compared with the Taylor Valley in Antarctica?

What do you think the shade pattern will be in the Taylor Valley?

For a photo of the Taylor Valley, look at the description about what Barb will be doing in Antarctica

Our team welcomes you and invites you to join us in November when we make our way down to Antarctica!

Barb Schulz

Dr.Laurie Connell

Dr. Rusty Rodriguez

Dr. Regina Soon Redman

Scott Craig

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