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17 November, 2002

Island Wood with Antarctic Sun Path Grid Oriented to True North

ISLAND WOOD PHOTO WITH ANTARCTICA SUN PATH GRID ORIENTED TO TRUE NORTH In this picture you can see north by the light colored dome at the top of the picture. This is your north. Next look for the N at the lower right side of the picture indicating where north is from the Antarctic perspective. You have to imagine the earth and think about where you are and where Antarctica is at the same time. If you have a globe to look at, it might help. Now think about the tilt of the earth as well. You can then see that we will get a different angle of sun that you are getting. We will be leaving in a few days to fly down to Antarctica. We fly to Los Angeles, then to Christchurch, New Zealand, then on to McMurdo Station. We will have some mascots along to help tell the story of our research project.

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