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25 November, 2002

Getting ready to leave Christchurch

Our research team is all packed and ready to go. After the first boomerang flight, we are eager to reach Antarctica and start our research. Yesterday's flight turned around after just a short time in the air, but long enough for everyone to get sweaty in the Extreme Cold Weather gear we are required to wear on the Herc 130 airplane. We all hope the flight is able to go the whole way today.

THE ECOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM Here is a picture of the research team. I am on the far left. Next to me is Scott Craig, the computer tech and GPS expert, Dr. Laurie COnnel with Scott. She is the PI for this project. Next to them are Dr. Rusty Rodriguez and his wife Dr. Regina Redman. We are waaiting for our flight down to Antarctica. The next message will be from McMurdo Station, the only real town in Antarctica.

<> Location of the fisheye camera by the IslandWood greenhouse The data table will give you information about the amount of sun hitting the ground at this site. Tomorrow I will give you a table with data for the Taylor Valley

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