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14 February, 2001

Latitude -066.34

Longitude 145.27

Even in Antarctica Valentine's day came. Little candy hearts appeared and small bags of candy were passed out along with a few shared handmade cards. This picture is of Kelly with a box of candy from the kitchen staff. Treats here on board are savored and it seems everyone brought goodies to share. Fiona Taylor one of the scientists from Tasmania brought a whole box of Cadbury chocolate.

During a shift lot's of different data gets collected on different parts of the ship. Even though we work together all day (or night in my case) we really don't talk socially. We have started a coffee/chai break at three o'clock A.M. Sometimes, if we are still processing a sediment core in the wet lab (next weeks entry) some of the day people are still up and they join us. Its nice to take a little break as some of our shifts can be very tense especially if we are processing more than one Kasten core. Though we are all here because we share a passion for science we do miss our friends and families. Dave Mucciarone, a scientist who works with Dr Dunbar has a son who happens to be four years old today. Since he couldn't get home here is the second best thing: "Happy Birthday Jacob" from your Dad.

Tomorrow they said the weather might clear so were headed back to our station site so we can be ready to core. I included a picture of the storm we have been in.

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