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15 February, 2001

Latitude -066.30

Longitude 140.35

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The Wind has died and the clouds are clearing . It looks like we won the battle of the storm. We are moving back towards our station to begin coring. We have waited three days and we were all growing tired of the waves rocking the ship. It was anyones guess when the storm would clear. There was a good chance that if we stayed we would not get to core and would lose days at other sites in the future. If we stay and the weather clears we will have a great map with some excellent data taken from the ship as well as cores. I have quite a bit of respect for our chief scientist Amy Leventer as the decision was in her hands. It was a hard decision for her but as fate would have it, we stayed and the weather cleared and we retrieved some excellent core samples. Days of waves breaking over the bow had left our ship and the equipment an ice encrusted winter wonderland,. As we were heading back to the station we had an ice chipping party to remove the ice from some of the equipment we would soon be needing . It was good to get outside after so many days of being cooped up inside the ship.

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