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6 February, 2001

Shift. It happens every night at midnight "THE SHIFT". The day shift switches places with the night shift. The jobs stay the same just the people change. The shift leaders meet and discuss what happened. They do this by going over the notes they took and then they plan what needs to happen next. Shift leaders are excellent note takers (why would they want to take such careful notes?)

It is a ship that never sleeps; work continues round the clock. It's not so different between the shifts with the sun up for 23 hours a day (why is that?). This picture was taken at three in the morning.

This is my counterpart who works the day shift. Her name is Natalie MeLenaghan. This picture was taken when we crossed the Antarctic circle. She is from Windsor, New York, and goes to Colgate University in Hamilton New York. Natalie is twenty years old. When I asked Natalie why she was here, she responded, "It's an amazing opportunity, and it would have been crazy of me to refuse such an offer". Each principle scientist brings students to help assist with data collection. This allows everyone to learn, and the principal scientist has more time to interpret the data the students are helping to collect. As the trip goes on I will try to introduce you to the other eight students aboard. If you want to, you can write them and I will send the message. on.

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